Wedding Portrait, oil on canvas, 1995
50 x 40 in, 127 x 101.7 cm

Lee L'Clerc was born in Lyon, France
Resides in Toronto

Ph.D., University of Toronto - Thesis: Painting & Visual Imagery in Literature (1999)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Tarnsitory Geography, Lehmann-Leskiw-Schedler, Toronto, 2004

Recent Paintings, Padulo-Longstreth-GolbergArt, Naples, FL, 2003
Overlay, ZYPR Gallery, Toronto, 2002
Sharing the Ground, Drabinsky &Friedland Galleries, Toronto, 1999
Points of Reference, Newzones Gallery ofContemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta Of Love and Other Demons, Drabinsky &Friedland Galleries, Toronto, 1997
Recent Works, Drabinsky & FriedlandGalleries, Toronto, 1996
Paintings: 1991-1995, Newzones Galleryof Contemporary Art, Calgary, Alberta, 1995
Landmarks, The Gallery, ScarboroughCampus, University of Toronto, 1994
Páginas, University of Toronto Art Gallery,The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, 1993
Architetura e Religione, Luba BystrianskyGallery, Toronto, 1992
Non-Religious Paintings, Hart House,University of Toronto New Paintings, Mega Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto, 1991

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Selected Collections

Merchant Equities, Calgary, Alberta
Padulo (Advertising Agency), New York, U.S.A. & Toronto
Robert Sweep Interiors, Calgary, Alberta
Southern Accent Restaurant, Toronto
Tarragvon Metro Pictures, Toronto
Tracy Wright Interior Design, Calgary, Alberta
University of Toronto, Toronto
Wajima Holdings Ltd., Calgary, Alberta