The Art of Norval Morrisseau
1979, Lister Sinclair and Jack Pollock.  Syd Methuen, Toronto, New York, London, Sydney. 200 pp. Condition: fine.
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Norval Morrisseau
Born on Sandy Point Reserve near Beardmore, Ontario
1932 – 2007
Ojibwe artist
Royal Canadian Academy of Art (RCA)
Norval Morrisseau is one of Canada’s most accomplished artists and arguably the most recognized First Nations artist in the world. His works are exhibited throughout North America, as well as in France, Germany and Norway. He was presented with the Order of Canada in 1978, and became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 1970. He was introduced to the Canadian public at the Pollock Gallery, Toronto, in 1962.
Norval Morrisseau was largely a self-taught painter, printmaker, and illustrator. He created a unique pictographic style of painting called The Woodland School, influenced by Anishnabe iconography. His colourful, figurative images are delineated with heavy black form lines and x-ray articulations. Norval's works reflect his Ojibwe heritage, and, the Native Midewiwin and Christiian religions.
He was appointed Grand Shaman of the Ojibway and became a member of the spiritual/healing Midewiwin Society. Morrisseau continued to study Ojibwe shamanistic practices, which he believed elevated his work to a higher plane of understanding. He was given the name Copper Thunderbird (Miskwaabik Animiiki); this name is signed in syllabics on his paintings.
In 1980, Norval Morrisseau was presented with honourary doctorates from McGill and McMaster Universities. In 1995, the Assembly of First Nations also honoured Morrisseau. His work is found in most major public collections in Canada and beyond.
Norval Morrisseau has completed many commissions during his career, including the mural for the Indians of Canada Pavilion at Expo '67. He has been the subject of numerous publications and three feature films produced by the National Film Board of Canada. In Ontario, his works are exhibited in the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario.

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